Dyspraxia is the name given to difficulties with planning and execution of movement. It may also apply to some elements of general organisation, but it is not usually applied to the actual content of the written word. Dyspraxia is not related to intellect, but everyone with dyspraxia will underachieve unless appropriate intervention takes place.
There are many reasons for dyspraxia
These may be broadly divided into different types
• The inability to see space correctly
• Memory access or storage difficulties
• Timing and sequencing difficulties
• Muscle tonus or postural problems
• Output inaccuracies

We specialise in the visual aspects of dyspraxia and developed world leading assessment and management techniques.

Vision controls many movements and it is essential that hand eye timing is synchronised, visual fields are optimised and visio-spatial awareness addressed in all cases.
A standard eye test does not address these areas in any detail and specialist instrumentation is required (the Orthoscopics Read Eye) to address timing problems. We are one of the few practices that have this instrument and are the ONLY practice in Scotland that can change some timing problems which affect writing and movement
It is an extremely complex area – but the results can be outstanding and literally life changing. We DO NOT AGREE that it cannot be treated and it is for life!
If you wish us to write a report there is a charge for this.