Eye examinations

We normally book in only seven eye examinations each day. This allows sufficient time to undertake a comprehensive range of tests or to deal with complex visual problems or special needs patients. A high proportion of our patients have multifaceted special needs and we are comfortable with the multi-layered range of visual problems they present with. Normally these tests are paid for by the NHS (even for people that come from other parts of the UK), and are free of charge.

For those not entitled to a NHS eye test we charge the same as we would be paid through the NHS

We do not charge for specialist assessments and include them as a “no charge” extra. These include specialist test which are so necessary in special needs, retinal photography and coherence tomography.

Whilst we do not provide a hypnosis service or auditory processing assessment for special needs we have a good working knowledge of them as well as most of the interventions that are current in autism.