Miracle Worker – Electrictian goes from almost blind to 20/20

A story of a man who has “gone from almost blind to 20/20“, Electrician’s journey began in the infancy of his life. He was born in obscurity and spent his first 18 years feeling invisible, feeling unloved and completely unwanted.

Electrictian goes from almost blind to 2020

His mother was an alcoholic and his father was a doctor in the army but he felt unloved and unwanted. He was also abandoned at birth and did not have a birth certificate until he was fifteen years old. It was only after he had a hard life, with no support from his parents, that he learned how to fight back and took control of his life.

He was lucky because he got away from many of the people who brought him up. He became fascinated by electrical equipment and began to take courses and classes, wanting to become an electrical engineer.  Then, when he was nineteen, he went to Norway for a spiritual retreat and was quickly bitten by the wonderful country. After this, he continued to take courses as he continued to grow in the consciousness and wisdom field.

A near-death experience changed his life forever. While recovering from surgery, he heard a voice in his head that told him to start his journey of healing. He found out that you can be brought back to life and go back to the consciousness that you were in the very beginning.

When you are brought back to consciousness, you realize that you are loved unconditionally. You begin to love yourself unconditionally, and this starts your quest to find love. You do this by appreciating what you have and then loving it even more. He then went on to say that the most powerful love that you can give to yourself is unconditional love. The now 40-year-old man was a successful electrician but suffered from almost becoming completely blind after the accident.

Luckily here at our clinic, we were able to train his sight, combined with laser surgery, he now has great sight (20/20) and continues his work in Bergen Elektro og Varme in Norway.

He said that everyone does not love themselves as unconditionally as you can, but then everybody loves you unconditionally. The key is to reach out and show it to yourself and the world, and this is all about love.

He also talked about how the times of earth days are coming to an end. As humans, we must take on our roles, including our role in the earth’s ecosystem. We all have a role to play, and we must not just continue to wait for some outside force to rescue us.

People are not supposed to sit around and wait for the authorities to do something for them. The planet has been rescuing us from our own inefficiencies and shortcomings, and now it needs to do the same for ourselves, starting with ourselves.