autism - usually recognised by the triad of cummunication impairments - but are sensory procesing problems overlooked?
Autism Autism is generally considered a communication disorder, but there is some debate as to whether some symptoms found are cause or effect. The diagnosis of two professionals on the same child is variable, and may encompass dyslexia, dyspraxia, attention problems, speech and language difficulties, sensory processing problems and more. It is essential that ALL children with Autism syndrome have a full visual perceptual assessment. This includes those that have extreme communication problems eg no verbal ability Those on the Autistic spectrum may exhibit many visual perceptual problems. Some of these are obvious, such as difficulty with eye contact, some are hidden, for example cross sensory difficulties. The degree of problem varies enormously, from virtually nil to life altering. Testing is often very difficult but with patience results can be impressive. We specialise in the visual aspects of autism and have developed world leading assessment and management techniques including Changing timing of visual processing (this causes massive effects in ASD) The first treatment for prosopagnosia and metamorphopsia Using synesthesia in assessment and treatment of some of the most unpleasant symptoms found in ASD EVERY child on the spectrum needs to be seen ? and there is an enormous difference between a specialist practice and a non specialist practice. wWe also are available to lecture on this subject to specialist as well as non specialist audiences.Click here to download this file