Visual perception in special needs



Special needs services


We are happy to undertake a visual assessment in many special needs such as autism, dyspraxia, dyslexia, dyscalculia, ADHD, ADD, cerebral palsy, synaesthesia, brain injury and more.

Around nine out of ten of our special needs patients have complex visual problems that can often prove extremely challenging to us. In particular they may require the timing of visual processing to be precisely tuned, integrated with other sensory systems and cognitive effects to be modified.

Refractive interventions (normal spectacle lenses) are of little help when the visual processing is unstable or in some way aberrant. Problems vary from nuisance effect to life altering difficulties. A standard eye test in which only refractive and binocular vision problems are addressed may miss the most profound visual problems and it is therefore advised that all special needs children are assessed regularly and from an early age.

Standard methods of determining visual performance are often inappropriate with special needs patients and a more flexible methodology is often required.

We are happy to assess non-verbal children, very young children, those with behavioural difficulties and those that have been unable to have been tested at other practices. As the parent is usually the best expert, we are happy to work with them to achieve optimum results.