Around half of our clients travel long distances to our practice - why? 

Mainly because of the improvements that can be achieved in not just vision - but in quality of life - and they can't get many of the results at a "normal" practice.

Jordans is not like most other optical practices.

Obviously we undertake "normal" eye examinations and dispensing - but we offer a lot more too.  


those on the autistic spectrum

those who underachieve in school or in the workplace

those with dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia

those with complex visual problems

Those with sensory integration difficulties or synaesthesia



Beatrice Jordan BSc Hons MBCO Dip (IP) - optometrist, independent prescriber, qualified hypnotherapist.

Ian Jordan FBDO CL - Visual processing consultant, innovator, writer and speaker

Jennifer Cauldwell - receptionist

Gillian McLean - receptionist

Allyson Sandilands - receptionist